Private Foundation of world renowed MMA lineal champion and boxer Francis Ngannou.

The Francis Ngannou Foundation is one of the fastest growing private charitable foundations in Africa. Created in 2018 in Cameroon and in the US, the Foundation focuses on the most vulnerable populations especially in rural areas where poverty is the worst. It works mainly in the fields of sport, education and health to support children and empower women who are the pillar of our society.

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The Joseph & Micheline S. Djanang Foundation is a private family foundation that has been provided clean water to dozen of thousands of people accross Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea by drilling clean water wells in rural areas since 2010.

Run by the six children of the late Joseph & Micheline S. Djanang, the Foundation also provides imaging equipment to medical structures such as scanners and dental scanners.

Located in the rural area of Yaounde in Cameroon, the Saint Exupéry Orphanage has been welcoming abandonned newborn babies for the past 25 years and has taken care of more than 1800 children from their birth to their 18th anniversary and beyond. Funded, solely by private ressources, the Saint Exupéry Orphanage provides its orphans with top notch education, health care, clothing and daily primary needs.

Most of the children raised at the Saint Exupéry Orphanage have had access to local secondary, graduate and sometime post graduate education. Some of them with the help of international scholarships have managed to study abroad.

Overall, the Saint Exupéry Orphanage is a success and has allowed to nurture great citizens and indivduals, contributing to poverty alleviation and to a better world

The private foundation of world renowed soccer player and champion Samuel Eto’o.

The Samuel Eto’o Foundation has been a major player in the African philanthropic scene since 2006; taking care of many via Education, Health and Emergency reliefs initiatives that contribute to the development of the Continent.

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