Integrity is at the core of everything we do; Without trust and transparency our goal to create long lasting connections between African causes and international funders is vain.

We are a consultant firm for the nonprofit organisations we work with and raise funds for.

We are a guarantor for donors, partners and sponsors that trust us to convey their philanthropic contributions to African causes and nonprofits.

We are accountable for the connections we create, the transactions we induce and for the total realisation of projects and programmes we raise funds for.
We thus put in place a number of due diligence and good governance procedures that enable us to only collaborate with trustworthy nonprofits, foundations ans charitable organisations.

Overall, our main objective is to empower African nonprofits by:

  • Giving them the means and resource to achieve their own goals.
  • Transferring to them innovative skills to tap into hidden potential and become more efficient organizations.
  • Giving them the tools to design sustainable programs that will allow them and their communities to become less reliant on external funding and more auto-sufficient in the longrun: shifting emphasis from charitable work to social entrepreneurship.

So that in their turn African nonprofits can better lift up and empower the populations they assist

We are dedicated to the nonprofits we work hand-in-hand with on a weekly basis as well as to the many donors, partners and sponsors that we approach, who believe in the charities we connect them with and who trust us with their giving to the African continent.

We are committed to the causes we relentlessly aim to raise funds and find resource for. But most importantly we are committed to help the overlooked populations in needs.

This is in part our contribution to the development of African communities and countries via the betterment of hundred of thousands of lives. This endeavor is our part in the alleviation of poverty and suffering in all its forms and shapes. This is our passion.